Expert Meeting

Event date: 2 July 2012, afternoon

Venue: CEPS Meeting Room

Venue address: 1, Place du Congrès, 1000 Brussels

The expert event, which is part of the EU-iPodS project, involved a critical reflection on what kind of democracy the EU promotes externally. This event aimed at an in-depth exchange among 16 experts from diverse backgrounds: EU institutions, civil society organizations, international actors promoting democracy, and target country representatives. The event's objectives were to disseminate the academic findings from previous events and research to an expert public, to discuss policy implications, to critically reflect on the objectives of EU democracy promotion from different actor perspectives, and to obtain feedback on the research findings from people working on the ground. The meeting thus explicitly aimed at contributing to a multi-way exchange between academia and practice, but also among different practitioners. Transcripts as well as a short summary of the event will, with the consent of the participants, be published on the EU-iPodS website and distributed to a wider audience.

Note: This is a closed event.

This event is organized in cooperation with the Centre for European Policy Studies